Can CBD Oil Help Cancer Patients?

No one wants to hear their doctor utter the word cancer. Even though no one wants to hear this words, thousands of Americans hear this from their doctor every year. The treatment involves dangerous chemicals designed to kill tumor cells. Chemotherapy is a necessary part of treatment for this disease, but no one would describe it as pleasant. The process as well of the drugs frequently make patients extremely nauseous and kill their appetites. Although no one expects marijuana or CBD oil to reduce the size of a tumor or fight the disease, these products can make up an important part of a cancer patient's treatment.

How Does CBD Oil Help Cancer Patients?

As mentioned above, there are two primary effects. Everyone knows that the munchies are one effect. People on chemotherapy frequently lose weight because of the nausea and appetite suppression. Using the oil increases a patient's appetite and helps the patient consume the calories he needs in order to maintain his body weight. The drugs that most effectively fight the cancer cells greatly upset the stomach. Taking this product regularly helps reduce this feeling. Some people prefer using the oil to the anti-nausea drugs prescribed by their doctors.

Can It Fight Cancer Cells?

Although some research suggests cannabis-based products can fight cancer cells, it is not conclusive. Most of this research comes from homeopathic or integrative medicine sources, and mainstream medicine does not support these findings. A few mainstream researchers are looking into the health benefits of CBD oil, but this process takes a long time. Doing enough research to get to the point where human trials can be conducted. Even conducting the human trials takes time. It is not just government interference that causes this. Researchers need to make sure their experiments are conducted ethically, and its results are confirmed.

If someone wants to try the oil for cancer or to help a cancer patient, they should find all the research they can. They should also make sure the oil does not interfere with any of the drugs their doctor is using for this treatment. Few drugs interact with CBD oil, but it is always best to double check. The doses required to get the appetite increase and nausea suppression effects desired may be higher for cancer patients than it is for other users. Using the oil might not cause the cancer to go into remission, but it can give the user a better chance of achieving this goal.